OatesMX Development aims to coach motocross riders of all ages not only in the safety and skills of the sport, but to train them to become physically and mentally fit, and just as importantly, to enjoy the sport. With the development of Motocross and supercross there is a great need to extend the learning to younger riders and support older riders to change bad habits and create safer, stronger riders.
Clinic Calendar
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  • Junior Titles Preparation Clinics

  • Senior Titles Preparation Clinics

  • 2 day clinics aimed for all levels of riders from beginner to advanced

  • 1 day clinics similar to the 2 day, aimed for all levels of riders

  • Club Coaching

  • Boot camps ( 3 + days ) focusing on fitness, all aspects of motocross physical, mental and race techniques

  • Private Tuition





  • Produce safe and skilled riders
  • Opening riders minds to opportunities within the sport such as endurance, professional motocross and recreational riding
  • Forming skills such as line selection, passing and intensity
  • Building confidence for riders to be able to peruse their dreams
  • Developing coaching sessions on specifics such as ruts, jumps, woops and corners to name a few
  • Completing kickstart logbooks

OatesMX from a health/fitness perspective aims to assist riders with:

  • Maintaining/progressing base fitness level, for beginner riders to advanced riders
  • Fitness testing and evaluation

OatesMx from a mental perspective:

  • Developing confident riders
  • Producing level headed riders that can proudly represent sponsors at the highest level
  • Passing on techniques to overcome high pressure situations
  • Developing focused riders


2 Day Pre Season Clinic:
Mackay Jnr MCC
5th & 6th

3 day pre season boot camp:
8th – Gillman (MRA), SA
9th – Gillman (MRA), SA
10th – Gillman (MRA), SA

5 Day Boot Camp:
11th – Balranald MCC, NSW
12th – Balranald MCC, NSW
13th – Balrenald MCC, NSW
14th – Robinvale MCC, VIC
15th – Robinvale MCC, VIC

3 Day Boot Camp:
18th – Albury – Wodonga MCC
19th – Cobram Border Junior MCC
20th – Cobram Border Junior MCC

3 Day Boot Camp: TBA
21st – Maffra – Sale MCC
22nd – Traralgon MCC
23rd – Blue Rock MCC

2 Day Clinic
26th & 27th

2 Day clinic spread over two different tracks
Rockhampton 2nd
Yeppoon 3rd

2 Day Clinic
9th & 10th

2 Day clinic
Alice Springs motorcycle club
16th & 17th.

Tom Price, WA
2.5 Day Clinic
22tnd afternoon- group spin class, discussion, Q&A, Race week prep & mental gains
23rd & 24th full days riding + diet/fitness education, PT / Gym session, discussion on attitude, discipline and road to success
25th – Private Tuition bookings only

bLU cRU Activation
ASBK Philip Island
23rd & 24th

27th till April 2nd

Junior Vic Prep
Colac 2 Day
2nd & 3rd
Coaches : Ryan Mitchell & Jordan Waters

2 Day Clinic
Wagga Wagga
16th & 17th

Jades home from MTF, USA

2 Day Clinic
Kilcoy, QLD
15th & 16th

Junior Vic Prep
Maffra-Sale MCC
18th & 19th

bLU cRU Activation
ASBK Tailem Bend, SA
27th & 28th

2 Day Prep Clinic
Dubbo – 11th & 12th – $250

Junior Vic Prep
18th & 19th

2 Day clinic
Mackay 2 day CQ prep
8th and 9th

Junior Vic Prep

NT Title Prep
Alice Springs
29th & 30th
1st July Private Tuition

Private Tuition
Alice Springs Title Prep
bookings only

2 Day Clinic spread over 2 different tracks
Private tuition 5th bookings only
Acacia 6th
Top End 7th

3 day Australian title prep clinic
Gillman Mra, Sa
9th – 11th
School holidays

2 Day Clinic
Mount Isa, QLD
13th & 14th


Use the form below to book into Clinic’s and to request Private Coaching. Bookings are essential for all clinics.


1 day: from $150
2 days: from $250
Club Coaching: from $50 (member) $60 (non member)
Boot Camps: from $300 (price varies on camp)
Private Coaching: from $75 per hour

Important Information

All ages 6+ and rider levels are welcome at all clinics unless otherwise stated for a specific event preparation. Single day entries are accepted for bootcamps however if the bootcamp is booked out preference will be given for entries completing the full event.

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