2015 starts off with a bang

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Half way and still growing
June 30, 2015

2015 starts off with a bang

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What a successful start to 2015! To date OatesMX has run 8 Clinics all over Victoria including a 3 day boot camp, all of our clinics have shown a vast increase in numbers with 6 out of the 8 fully sold out. we are excited for the coming months to watch the business grow even more. We have received some great feedback from our riders and parents involved,

“OatesMX is simply the best coaching program we have had the pleasure of experiencing. Jades and his team are just the best at what they do! The personal touch that Jades and his coaches provide is second to none – you get the best of one-on-one and group coaching in every clinic. Every session, every skill, every technique, every piece of feedback is for the rider – at their level of development – for them to succeed. Success being what OatesMX delivers to every rider at every clinic,

OatesMX coaches are passionate about motocross and helping grow the future of the sport – it’s evident in everything they do. The connection with every rider, the instant rapport – as a parent to watch, is just amazing. OatesMX coaches have become idols, role models, and friends to our young riders”.-Cal Fearn.

OatesMX coaches have been working with SPMX to get their bikes ready for the 2015 season “Both of my Yamaha’s are amazing! I am so ecstatic to be aboard them this year! The support we receive from Yamaha has blown me away and I cannot wait to show them what we can deliver” – Jades Oates

OatesMX is in the process of launching its webpage with just the first page up so that the dates for clinics can be accessed easily – stay tuned for the finished product with sponsor logos and short cuts to Yamaha’s (and other main sponsors) front page.

We have been promoting exciting giveaway’s on OatesMX facebook page which attracted new followers, there will be more of this to come, so stay tuned! We are also currently working on our 2015 poster to showcase all of our sponsors.

OatesMX has two main social media pages, Facebook.com/Oatesmx and instagram- @oatesmx along with all of our coaches running there personal pages with a minimum weekly update about what is coming up/promotional shots with all relevant sponsor tags.

OatesMX is aiming to head over to W.A – we have just locked in out first Karratha clinic in May, Darwin and Tasmania in 2015, which is exciting for all of our supporters from those areas, we cant wait to take business interstate and further the expansion.

Its getting to that time of year again when the MX nationals are about to kick off for the 2015 season with OatesMX head coach Jades Oates Co Commentating for WEM’s ‘My Sport Live’-”I am pumped to kick the season off, I think it’s a great opportunity to not only give my sponsors and supporters some coverage all over Australia but also grow and spread the word about OatesMX as a business”-Jades Oates

We are only a couple of months into 2015, we cant wait to see what the rest of the year brings for OatesMX and our riders!   A huge thank you yet again to all involved!!

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