Motocross Season ends but Oates MX is in full swing

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Half way and still growing
June 30, 2015
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Aussie titles bring success to Oates MX
October 30, 2015

Motocross Season ends but Oates MX is in full swing

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With this years motocross season starting to come to an end OatesMX is still in full motion training it’s riders for their last big hit outs for 2015 with regional prep’s, state title preps and private tuition for the up coming Junior Australian titles amongst our regular clinics.

“We have been super busy, my week days have been consisting of sand, sand and more sand. The upcoming Junior Australian titles is being held at Bunbury WA, a super rough and sandy track. We have been putting our riders through their paces at our home club down at Rosebud. Its been super successful with great results both on and off the track” – Jades Oates

Yamaha’s OatesMX has been growing week in and week out since partnering up in September 2014. “the growth of our programs has been amazing! the past four programs we have ran have sold out in under 5 days and I couldn’t be more stoked!” – Jades Oates

Yamaha’s OatesMX head coach Jades Oates participated in the Victorian title presentation night last weekend on the 12th September where he saw the companies sponsored riders obtain outstanding podium results.

“Not only was I super proud of our regular riders on their achievements but I was so blown away with how many people were up on the podium and how many specifically thanked OatesMX, a lot of great comments and feed back came from that night, I am very proud of what we are achieving” Jades Oates

We saw improvements from all of our riders within the year attending our OatesMX clinics from confidence, safety, speed and skill. We are super proud of each and every rider. During the last few months we have started our Most Improved Rider certificates for each clinic which is a great motivator for our riders as they receive a discount for their next clinic. We have some great giveaways coming up on social media which will help us generate more followers, we are almost at 2,000 followers on Facebook since our last competition. We also have works on our website almost finished and it will be live and fully functional by the end of this month.

OatesMX has started planning for 2016 with some great new ideas to set us apart from other coaching companies. One being our 125 program which will be in full swing in 2016 with all our junior preparation clinics where we will see our coaches aboard Yamaha YZ 125’s. Our vision being that this will allow for better communication and demonstrations on the same level as our riders and in the long run produce better results, feedback and over all exposure for our sponsors. This is a fantastic way for our riders and families to test ride and view up close the best of what Yamaha has to offer.

2016 will see Yamaha’s OatesMX run our junior preparation clinic’s in not only Victoria but also NSW and SA as well as our regular clinics and the possibility of regional and or state preparation’s in WA

A recap on our 2015 motocross coaching season to date has seen us run 35 successful clinics with numbers almost booked out for every one.

We are so happy with the growth of our company and once again OatesMX and its team are so proud to be aligned with all of our amazing sponsors. We are looking forward to finishing this year off strong!

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