Half way and still growing

Can you believe we are half way through the year already? It has now been 9 Months of Yamaha and OatesMX working together and we couldn’t’t be happier with the support and also how well our business is running. This half of the year we have successfully run 28 Clinics, compared to 11 In the first half of last year. We are proud to say OatesMX is a rapidly growing business and we are gaining new interest everyday.

In the coming months we will be running clinics interstate including Western Australia and NSW. This has been a main goal for OatesMX and we are excited it is now a reality and will continue to be in our curriculum from now on, we are currently in between flights at Perth airport traveling to Karratha.

With new Proposals in place we are excited to hopefully be branching out and expanding our Yamaha’s OatesMX program and really cementing our place with in the industry.

We are currently just coming to the tail end of one of our busiest schedules to date, with 5 sold out days last week consisting of Bluerock, Rosebud, 2 days at Horsham and 1 day at Toolleen – we were able to target 87 entries (families) through these clinics alone, further expanding the communities knowledge of our great sponsor’s products and our clinics! We then jumped on a plane and headed to Karratha for 5 days which consists on 3 days private tuition and a 2 day clinic..

The last of our stint see’s us in swan hill and Robinvale the following weekend.

“I couldn’t be happier with how the past clinics have run, the feed back is awesome and makes me super proud of what we are achieving” Jades Oates

“Mate thanks again for the last 2 days coaching, my son had a ball. Both days he came home and begged to go for another ride so he could practice what his ‘new friends’ taught him.

The amount he was able to soak in over two days as a 6 year old shows that you guys are very good at communicating and I think his school teachers would be jealous! he has improved out of sight in technique/skill and has dropped 8 seconds of his lap times! We will defiantly be doing a lot more of your clinics!” – Warren Blake

Once again OatesMX and its team are so proud to be aligned with all of our amazing sponsors! We thank you!

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